Chia pudding

Before you begin to stress this is not another post about how I’m unmotivated and have to get back on track, in fact it is the complete opposite. After spending a lovely (slightly booze filled) weekend in Hervey Bay celebrating my beautiful friend’s 21st I’m ready to kick the crap, exercise more, and get my healthy on!

And what better way to get started than a good breakfast; chia pudding topped with mixed berries, banana, honey and my favourite organic Byron Bay yoghurt, 5:am.

Chia seed pudding

Chia puddings are fast becoming one of my favourite breakfast foods, they are so good for you and super easy to make. To make a single serve I use 2tbsp of chia seeds to 1/2 cup almond milk, mix the two together and let sit for 10 minutes making sure you stir it occasionally so it stays smooth. Once it has reached the pudding consistency you desire serve with your favourite breakfast toppings.

Chia seeds have increasingly grown in popularity and their numerous health benefits are becoming common knowledge so I probably don’t need to lecture about why these little seeds are so amazing, but just in case you are still in the dark I will give you a brief rundown.

No, scratch that, I’ll link you to Jess Ainscough’s page. This amazing woman (read her story if you get a chance, or if you don’t read it anyway) is such an inspiration when ever I’m feeling unmotivated or down or like I just can’t do this anymore I go straight to her page and I feel a million times better. But before I get sidetracked about talking about how wonderful Jess is and how amazing her story is we better get back to chia seeds. I decided to link you to Jess’s page on chia seeds  because she has written it in a very easy to digest (no pun intended) way; all the facts are straight forward and it is simple to read. So here you go, 13 awewsome reasons to eat chia seeds everyday.

Enjoy x

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